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Originally Posted by TKR Reptiles View Post
I will tell you what type of person does it...

He is the type of person that doesn't have the financial stability to have such a nice and extensive collection... So instead of being respectful and courteous to those that have one. he runs his mouth and says it is stupid or pointless... When in all actuality he is just very jealous and bitter because he really wishes he could have it...
Quite frankly , it took a while for a number of folks to recognize Bac's generosity in coaching, assisting and mentoring many of us in the world of 1911s. Prior to that, instead of respect, there was class envy as evidenced by insulting and smarmy remarks. Through it all, I'm happy to have Brian as a friend.

Anyway, not too long ago, I mentioned to Brian that since he has an adequate short gun collection, it's time for him to move on to long guns.

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