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Originally Posted by AJE View Post
I have a G21SF with a 6" Lone Wolf slide and a 10mm conversion barrel.

I would not recommend this setup (yet) for a defensive gun, as it has not run 100% like my stock Glocks have. I have only put a couple of hundred rounds of 10mm through it at this point, and I'm working on developing some of my reloads with it. The chamber on the KKM is much tighter than a stock barrel which leads to possible misfeeds, especially when it's not cleaned.

I have also read trouble people have had with the conversion barrels failing to extract. I have rarely had problems with extraction, mine has only been the rounds hanging up while feeding into the chamber. Even then, it might only be once or twice in 100 rounds, but that's still too much for a Glock!

The SHOT ShowCase

That said, the 10mm is absolutely a kickass cartridge!

That is a beautiful looking pistol you have there, I was planning on getting a 6" barrel for it, and now I'm going to have a look at the LWD slides.

For the reasons you mentioned above, I'm most certainly taking the G20 path. Like I said earlier, if I want to shoot .45, I'll grab one of my many 1911s. Thanks for posting that pic and thanks to all those who contributed here. You guys rock! Oh, and if someone can tell me when a G20sf RTF2 is due out, I'd really appreciate it. THANKS!!

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