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Originally Posted by Brian Lee View Post
Yes, yes, and yes.

DT is one of 5 different brands I've shot and checked, and I've used the same chrono to check other calibers too - it seems to be working fine. And DT clearly states velocities from a G20, with no mention of barrel length, so I assume it's the stock barrel. My results have shown that you have to use the 6" (Glock brand) hunting barrel just to get DT ammo to go 100 to 200 FPS slower than they advertise. With the stock barrel, the velocities are even worse than that, so I don't think I'm tainting the results with improper barrel length.
I have done the exact same testing of DT 10mm and 45 ammo and experienced the same results as Brian Lee. With a 6" barrel I do not get the claimed velocities of the 4.6" barrel. I like the DT ammo BUT all of mine is at least 100fps under advertised velocities. I have brought this to their attention and have gotten no reply! The Reed ammo tested seems to be right on.
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