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Got my bullets

Got my Zero #118 230 gr LRN from Roze Distribution today. Very nice looking bullets. Unfortunately, I had to change 2 variables tonight when I reloaded: 1) the bullet (to the Zero brand from the Vance brand) and the powder, from Unique to WW231. I'll being going to the range tomorrow to test my new reloads.

A note on the Zero #118 bullet, seemed to have a bit less in diameter than the Vance 230 gr LRN bullet.

A question on the powder: I loaded 4.7 grains of WW231 (range from the Hodgdon Powder Company web site was 4.3 to 5.3). My only concern from searching the web was many people seemed to be loading much higher than 4.7 and above 5.3 grains. I'll see how they shoot and report back. Will be shooting them in my G36.
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