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Thanks, changes made. you dont know how many times I have had to updated it. Everytime I read it I find something else.

I had the "All the time in the world" philosophy but decided that would wear off. I have been saved a few times already having the 550. A few times freinds have called and asked if I wanted to go shooting. Went in my reloading room to grab my range stuff only to find that my ammo surplus is low due to being busy with work and stuff around the house. Told my buddy to give me 20 min. Cranked out enough rounds to shoot for the day and off to the range. Really, happened more than once. I usually have a stock pile but things happen. Also if you start shooting IDPA or other shooting sports, ammo goes fast. My ammo usuage doubled for a range outing. Just things to consider. Did you know you call load pretty much everything but the big 50 BMG on the 550? Just cant use the case feeder.

With that being said, I dont think you can go wrong with the LEE turret to see if you like it. Especially if cost is a factor. I dont know any shooter that is still active in the sport and just stopped reloading. Usually the only reason they sell their machines is to buy faster ones.

How many rounds do you shoot??
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