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I joined a range and was shooting a couple hundred rounds a week. Before I joined the range I was lucky to shoot that much a year. Oh, I didn't intentionally set out to shoot that much, but if I brough ammo with me I would shoot it till it's gone, sometimes I would have to purchase an additional box! I blew through my reserve pretty quick.

Of course it gave me a good excuse to get a G34, cause 9 is cheaper to shoot!! I like to shoot my .357 revolvers and that's what I would start reloading for. I am afraid to use my glock fired brass for reloading and didn't think it was worth reloading for 9mm but with ammo price increases that may change.

Anyhoo, I learned that shooting is kind of addictive and it's easy to spend more on ammo than you realize. A lot more!! I still plan on doing it but I need to adjust to my new paycheck first. I've been on 2nd shift for almost 20 years so having a normal life will offset the shift diff.
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