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I am starting to rethink

The turret press. Now that ammo prices have gone up and I have a .40 cal (in additon to 9mm and 357mag) maybe the progressive would be the way to go. I had wanted to reload for rifle rounds also but a cheap one stage press or two would probably be even better than the turret for the "precision" reloading I would want to do.

I am sort of remodling my house all because of this reloading thing. I didn't have room for the stuff unless I rearranged a few things and it did't make sense to do that unless painted the den, which required wallpaper removal, and if I was going to do that I may as well do the rest of the house.

So I am in the process of removing wallpaper on my walls, which is all of them, and painting. It's required a bit of wall repair and skimcoating, that's why I call it "remodel" instead of "redecorate".

So what does this have to do with reloading? My house had become so cluttered and disorganized I could not find anything or do even a simple project. After I am done with this I will have all my stuff organized, everything will be in it's place and if I'm going to reload I need to keep things orderly. It also has taken some money to do which is biting into my reloading plans.

I was going to get myself something nice for my 50th birthday, it may as well be a nice progressive dillon press. Oh, and something in .223!
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