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I may be repeating myself here... but in any event have changed my mind and carry thus:

IWB: HK P7M8 squeeze cocker or one of my wee 1911 variants with a grip safety and thumb safety.

OWB: Above or G26 or G30

I also have a great affinity for my Walther P99 but only OWB.

I have a problem with carrying IWB with one in the chamber aimed at my vitals sitting in the car, etc., unless there is a POSITIVE safety like a grip safety or squeeze cocker or such. OWB.. no problem any longer.

And one in the tube is the way I carry now. Always. Speed to first effective shot is essential.

BTW... watch some of Ayoob's DVD's and you will want to carry a semi auto shotgun on your belt. 20 guage. Awesome... Six rounds in under 2 seconds.. all on the money. Nothing left of the target.

I have decided that I am just plain confused. I love LOVE my HK P7M8's (two of them) and they are (and I am in full agreement with the reviews) the absolute fastest and most accurate to draw and triple tap next to the Glocks... which have nothing to fuss with. The only thing to fuss with on the P7M8 is the squeeze cocker grip... which is just what I am looking for in terms of passive reliability and safety anyway. So IWB/OWB it's gotta be the P7M8's. Period. But now I am going through my .40 and .45 cal. pistols. One must keep in mind that living in Canada one must have a barrel that is in the 106mm min siz (about 4.25") in order for the gun to be legal and not prohibited (duh?). So to avoid cross border travel hassles all of my guns are Canada legal. No beautiful snubbies which I would certainly be using amongst the arsenal. One of those wee .38/.357 Scandium jobs I think. But no can do. So for .45 I go with Ayoob's favourite, the Ruger P345 with grip safety and thumb safety carried cocked and locked with one in the chamber. And also a Transmark BULL M5 Ultra X Compact, which is the perfect carry gun if you intend to transport cross border. (Carried in a lock box or trunk safe of course). Transmark is supposed to be tweaking my M5 to perfection through Marstar their Canadian distributor... already have had offer from the US distributor to tweak to 'bet your life on it' quality from DALY. Outstanding customer service and assuming that Marstar takes care of the issue they have found a loyal customer for life. And a proponent of their services. Both the aforementioned 45's are accurate, reliable and handy. Now to the Glocks... only OWB carry, I would carry either my G26 or G30 with ported Storm Lake Barrel. OUTSTANDING. Have toyed with carrying a full size G21 as well. It feels so gooooood. Also love the Walther P99 in 9 mm. Too many guns. Whatever you pick in the end.... and don't go with a whole smorgasbord or guns and holsters for self defense.... use what you carry and carry what you use. That's why we are whittling things down to a couple of models and holsters and the rest will go back on the block in a couple of weeks. Have a beautiful Beretta and a Sig P226 that I absolutely love. But it does not meet my requirements.
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