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Originally Posted by Frenchy6859 View Post
I am looking to purchase my 1st CCW. Would you recommend the G27 or the G30.
I was leaning towards the 30.
How about "it depends" for a lame answer? The 27 is smaller and easier to conceal. The 30 has a larger ammo capacity (9+1 versus 10+1). However, ammo for the 30 is more expensive than the 27. From personal experience, I find the 30 easier to shoot accurately and I have no difficulty carrying it concealed.

I recommend finding a gun range where you can rent each, shoot a couple hundred rounds through each and buy the one that you are more comfortable with.
My favorite gun is the M61A1 20mm gattling gun at 6000 rounds per minute in the F-4E.
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