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Well, back in 2007 I suggested that I carried a Glock 30 and a Glock 26 depending on conditions but was not totally happy and secure with the Glock safety system as opposed to others. Here we are three years down the road on this thread and I have carried a whole plethora of wee pistols including the latest, a Sig P239, which is a great gun.

For some reason I keep coming back to those two Glocks. The manual of arms is almost identical, they are small, relatively light, ultra reliable, reasonably accurate and are backed by outstanding service. The guns take a beating and keep on ticking.

So, after three years of experimenting (including carrying my Glocks withOUT one in the chamber and cocked "hot") I have a situation right now where I am beginning to think that I am farting around with all of these other guns because it is fun at this point.

So, back to the G30 and G26 with good holsters.
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