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Originally Posted by GottaBkiddin View Post
New and improved EDC.
The SHOT ShowCase
Great pix! What are they please? Like the looks of both! I keep going around in circles and coming back to my Glock 26 9mm and Glock 30 .45 ACP; prefer to carry a .45 for obvious reasons. I use a variety of engineered self defense loads and am in the process of looking into what the latest and greatest is; in the meantime I use Speer Gold Dots. Want some of these new jobs that won't clog up going through leather clothing, etc.

Also want to get my holsters squared away.

And I want to get settled on a carry piece. I have also been playing with the Sig P239 but can only get it "Canadianized" in 9mm. right now. Going to have to look into extended barrel from one of the barrel guys that is 105mm long or better. We cross the border all the time and it would be a pain to have a "non Canadianized" pistol (not that we can carry in Canada of course, but we have a home here and shortly stateside... we are dual citizens).
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