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Originally Posted by Torontogunguy View Post
Incredibly, .32ACP is outlawed in Canada as 'evil' .... go figure. I have one of them there Walther P99's and that's a gun I keep coming back to for concealed carry along with my P239.... but ultimately always back to my Glock 26 and 30. Go figure. It's four years I think... still working on the final decision.... gotta try out a few more. Anyone carrying a Para LTC? Or a Beretta 96D Centurion? Jeez, if someone would just come out with the PERFECT carry piece. Lessee... wafer thin. .45ACP that'll take +P loads. A 105mm barrel so I can take it across the border with me (under 105mm is ... again, evil). Carries 20 rounds in the magazine somehow (and I carry a double spare mag holster with cover so that'd be 60 rounds - good enough for the OK Corral). And light as a feather with a finish that just won't wear. Oh and last but not least, a grip safety as well as a 'safe' trigger system just to be safer. I don't want to fumble with a thumb safety anymore. I want to draw, point and shoot. And I can tell you, from experience, that a fraction of a second counts with adrenaline pumping. The difference between the bad guy or you going to the hospital. Or the ME's place in the basement.

So many guns. So many guns.

.32acp outlawed , but you can own a .45acp. That just doesn't make sense. As much as I don't care for NY, I'm sure glad I don't live in Canada. I hope you spend most of your time in Buffalo.
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