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I changed again for the last time

I carry a 2nd gen Glock 23, all day every day, stuffed with Corbon DPX, and alternate between a ruger lcp 380, w laser and a ruger lcr 38 revolver, as a bu gun left front pocket, it is equipped with a ct laser as well, helps a lot OLD EYES...THE g23 IS CARRIED IN A RM LOWRIDER IWB HOLSTER,best holster ive ever used, fast on and off belt and comfy and in 35yrs of daily packing a piece ive owned a lot of of this week i have decided to carry the Ruger LCR revolver with laser and start weaning myself off the G23, which i have carried for many years, LCR in MIKA pocket holster. Dec, Unable to wean myself off my old G23, went back to carrying it daily, sold the lcr and lcp, now pack a kel tec pf9,and love it as a bu to G23..thousands of rounds through G23 never an ftf or jam,looks like hell, pf9 200 rounds no ftfs no jams...
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