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Living part of the year in Canada I have to keep witht the Canadian law, which is that the barrel has to be at least about 4.25" long. Weeds out a lot of lovely handguns unless I lock them away before returning to Toronto.

I keep coming back to my Glocks, the Glock 26 and the Glock 30; as of late I am leaning more towards the Glock 30 witha ported barrel. I carry with the 9 round magazine for effect and the reloads are all 10 round magazines and I generally carry at least two if not four spares (usually two - if your business is not done in 29 rounds you have a lot more serious issues than a Glock 30 is going to handle). I carry the four spare magazines when the urge strikes me, if I am carrying into a bad area or wilderness where there is no help at hand. Normally just 2 spares in a leather covered belt holder that looks like a cellphone case and does not scream "GUN!".
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