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Originally Posted by Melissa5 View Post must be kidding.

MattC really likes HK instead of Glock.

Don't try my own grip reduction.

GAP floor plates are the bomb.

Best thing...all of the good people on GT.

Happy New Year everyone!
This plus DannyR helping me with life and my glock's. And the friends i talk to on PM. Plus my buddy's Canyon Man,Sonny, Roger, The _Punisher and AK's longslide's are great fun projects. Butch's Blog and the time most will help anyone whom ask for it very quickly. The vast majority of member's are knowledgable and helpful and we ignore the rude arrogant one's.

Glock's are very addictive. Hopefully docs bad experience with glock is a isolated one. Plus the GT Glocker from GA Melissa.

Plus bac is willing to help and post very nice pics. He has good taste. Has a stellar collection without arrogance which is very rare, thanks bac,
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