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1. That Glock folks are the best. DeeCZman, DannyR, CanyonMan (who taught me about +P .45 loads, Meliissa (lovely girl), and the list goes on. Sorry to my friends that I've missed. What's funny is that I have many more friends here than in "real life."
2. That Glocks are the best. I mean I really believe it. Reliability trumps absolutely everything else.
3. I can ask for, and receive help on this forum from people who know, in great detail, what they're talking about.
4. GlockTalk is the best reading on the planet. My public library doesn't come close to this forum.
5. There are a few here who like to argue, rather than discuss. But everyone has a bad day occasionally. And maybe his wife just beat him up...
6. I learn something here every day. When I try to help, I usually learn much more information about the subject than I post. So everybody wins. I get pleasure out of helping folks. I guess my dad taught me that.
7. It's a great new year, even though my nose took a hit today. Putting away Xmas tree and ornaments on the garage shelves and a board slipped off a shelf and caught me on the bridge of my big German nose. Cut it a bit and now wearing two butterfly bandages, but it wasn't no big deal. I look pretty weird, though.
8. Happy New Year...a great year for all of you.
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