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This is a stock pic of my 13 yr olds H&R 20 guage. I was testing the used Mossberg 500 I bought so we shot together and had a great time. But he was shooting tighter groups with this than my Mossberg 500 12g. with a cut down 20" barrel! It got me thinking about him, my daughter and wife when I am not home. So I started thinking about looking into Mossbergs 20g. youth pump or H&R now makes a 20g. pump. Get a car load of foreclosed, out of work, hungry people trying to break in and I'd rather have something everyone in the house can pick up and use if needed.

As for keeping with the OP, the best tactical weapon is the one that works and gets the job done. Here is a true story. When I was in high school a friends parents were away leaving him home alone to go to school. He was 15-16 at the time. [this goes back over 20 yrs ago] 2 men broke into his house and locked him in the bathroom while they ransacked the place. My friend thought that they had left so he came out of the bathroom. He got his single shot 20 guage out of his closet, and loaded it and started to leave the house. Going out the front door, one of the criminals was coming back in. My friend had his barrel down and trying to raise it pulled the trigger and blew the bad guys thumb off. Both bad guys ran and drove away. Maybe not the best choice, but I think that makes the shot gun pictured below a tatical shot gun.

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