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I know I haven't been around for a while. FTO is kicking my ass.

I promised to show the new goods, so here they are:

Left to right:
Safariland double cuff case. (It's a Colorado thing. I miss my doubles in the rear.) Peerless and Hyatt chain nickel.

Safariland 6285? Lefty basketweave with a G34. G34 has TrueGlo TFOs and a TLR-1.

A newly purchased Streamlight Stinger (to replace the one I gave back to old dept.)

Newly purchased 21 inch ASP in ASP B/W Scabbard

Metal radio holder for a Motorola XTS-5000.. Namely the one on the right..

The SHOT ShowCase

Generic ass OC (I miss the Fox) in a MK-4 opentop holder.

Double mag opentop case from Bianchi #29, with two G17/34 mags. Not pictured, is a X26, which stays at the station with the radio.

The SHOT ShowCase
The SHOT ShowCase

The SHOT ShowCase
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