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Originally posted by Lawfficer
+1, Would be nice to have my own.
It's a Kuston Signals holder. It actually had a fat belt loop on the back that dropped it down below the level of my belt and every time I sat down it jabbed me in the thigh. I got a Bianchi Accumold and it was even worse, so I cut the loop off of the Kustom Signals one and cut two slits in the back of the case that I could fish my belt through.

It was way tight getting the mic in there for the first little while, but it's stretched out a bit now and works great. I can keep it up front where I have easy access to the controls, it is right in line with my belt and best of all it doesn;t leave a big bruise on my thigh every time I sit down.

Now that I'm comfortable with it and it's broken in, I'm sure we'll be changing mic's.
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