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As far as the OC is concerned, I never really like it either or have any use for it. Despite this I still do carry it but the Taser is my first option in most instances.

Recently I had to use my OC because I was trying to cover a back door which was surrounded by a large fence. I didn't have time to scale it as the perp was heading to the back door pretty much about the same time.

All I had was a crack though this wooden fence, couldn't use the Taser so I used my OC and sprayed through the crack in the fence and doused him in the face with pepper as he was exiting the back door.

He didn't make it but another 10 feet and went to his knees. He was yelling and screaming....."Ok, Ok I give up, god help me this ***** is killing me!!"

So, in that instance I am glad I had my OC or he would have had us on a foot chase or worse.

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