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Originally Posted by bno762 View Post
Man you guys have some great looking guns!!! I'm to embarrassed to post a pic of my rinco in here next to yalls. Thats all I got for right now.

Like others have said, post the picture. We all started our collections somewhere. That is a great 1911 you have, it will give you many great years of use.

One of my favorite 1911's to shoot at the range is my STI Spartan. Nothing fancy, but it works every time, and is very accurate. I use it almost every time someone wants to learn about shooting the 1911. There is just something about that gun, that makes me love shooting it.

No one will ever give you trouble about posting a picture of a 1911, except maybe a Taurus. There are several of us that would rank it as the worst feeling, and shooting 1911 on the market.

I would love to see pictures of your 1911.
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