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Originally Posted by srothman View Post
I don't care if you adopt me.

I just want a couple of your 1911's. We all know that fathers usually spoil their sons and "share" their nice collection of guns.

Please tell me the best way to get a few of your 1911's. Even if it is to only borrow them for a few years. A well built 1911 will out-last us. So what is a few years?

Maybe do something like the holster library. Try one before you buy it? I would be willing to pay shipping both ways, if I could "borrow" a few of your 1911's.

Let me know what works best for you? Adoption? You could then qualify for a tax write off. Library, I can borrow from?

I will do whichever works best for you?

It looks like you're building a nice collection of your own.
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