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Originally Posted by bw77 View Post
Which Duracoat black did you use?
I used the matt black...this one

was really easy..considering i Third World engineered it...

made a drying box out of plywood, with a heatlamp inside. used a $15 airbrush from Hobby Lobby, with two cans of compressed air. This was in 2006 and it's held up great. I did muck up the first run...used thinner to remove without curing...reprepped and dryed off..and then reapplied. 2nd time was the charm. The parts are a mix of blued, stainless from various sources (STI, Wilson, OEM, Smith/Alexander) and I just wanted a uniform finish. the grips are off Ebay, I think they are Kimber, and still not sold on them. May go with a nice walnut or Pachmyers when the show comes to Fort Worth in 2 weeks. Not an exact replica of the MEU/SOC, but then I'll never be able to afford the Kimber version!

Shoots point of aim. was a little to the right, so I just used a wood block and tap a lil, shoot,tap shoot a lil....and it's dead on now at 25 yards with the Novak front dovetailed in the front. Groups can run 2" easy, and a past friend that was a Master Limited got them under 1.5" with no flyers from a rest. I always have fliers....

shoot mostly ball, 230 grain Poly and FMJ, but will feed 200 gr semi-wad (shot that almost exclusivly when this was my Limited 10 piece) and 230 grain Hydrashocks.

I love this gun. I'll never get rid of it. I just hope to afford a 9mm 1911 to pair up with it

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