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Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
no disrespect intended since I built mine on my Norinco I've had since 1995...

Durocoat, McCormick Non-gunsmithing rear sight, Para hammer, Wilson Combat internals, Wolff Springs, OEM frame, slide and barrel, STI grip saftey, it's a deeper black than my crap picture shows

Haven't looked for Pachmeyers yet, maybe at the upcoming Ft Worth show...
No disrespect taken. Yours looks great too. Mine isn't an exact copy of the MEU/SOC pistol either. I liked the idea that the Marine Corps picked parts to make a good compromise between basic and user friendly, without compromising the combat toughness of the pistol.

I used a craft store airbrush to apply the Norrells Moly Resin on mine and a toaster oven to bake the parts.
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