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Originally Posted by tango44 View Post
What kind of sights are those?
Where to buy?
McCormick was selling them before they got out of the .45 parts. I have an extra in the bag i'm saving for the next build. They were around $50 from Brownells. The front is dovetailed in, a Novack Front blank that I cut to the profile i wanted after my gunsmith dovetailed the slide. He also beadblasted all the parts, stainless and blued, to prep for finish. I'm astounded by the uniformity of the finish, regardless if the part was blued or stainless. The mag release is a slightly extended version in blue that matches perfectly that McCormick used to sell.

I found these on the 1911 forums, and a poster said they are like the ones McCormick used to sell. Just drop in the factory sight dovetail and tighten. Be sure to sight in first before hard tightening...they won't come off!

sorry to hijack the thread..any more Norincos?

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