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-if you don't know that there is a difference between "the Internet" and "Glock Talk"
-if you have ever run out of gas in your car, but have never run out of ammo before
-if you know the serial numbers of your guns, but still get your kids' names mixed up.
-if you hold a firearms related record in Guiness book of world records.
-if you go to gun shows with a grocery buggy (painted camo of course)
-if you had to explain to someone what a "SHTF scenerio" is
-if the National Guard calls you when things get a little too hot
-if you had a gun rack on your bike when you were a kid
-if you know why 30-06 is pronounced "thirty alt six"
-if you buy all of your clothes at wal-mart but own some of the most expensive holsters known to man
-if your name is on California's AW ban
"One handgun a month is too much."
"If you ask me, 12 handguns/year is too much."
"I'd be OK with one gun a year."
"We need the strong gun regs and enforcement Europe has."
-DU debates America's future 10/23/2005
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