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-if your guns are named names usually reserved for people
-if you designed your own caliber and built a firearm to fire it
-if you grew up with loaded guns all around you, but it never crossed your mind to shoot up your school.
-if you've read the Constitution
-if you know the second amendment by heart
-if you know the second amendment translated into more than 3 laguages
-if you used to have a hill as a backstop, but now it has become a 30 foot high mound of pure lead.
-if you make your own reloading tools
-if you make your own powder
-if you don't label your reloading powder, because you can hear the difference when shaking the can
-if you have ever read an article in the crime section of the newspaper and read "the suspect had over 200 rounds of ammunition", then assumed it was a misprint. who in his right mind would get down to only 200 rounds???
-if your CCW is a shotgun
-if your CCW is a .50
-if your CCW is a LAW
"One handgun a month is too much."
"If you ask me, 12 handguns/year is too much."
"I'd be OK with one gun a year."
"We need the strong gun regs and enforcement Europe has."
-DU debates America's future 10/23/2005
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