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- If your apartment complex cites -you- as the reason they don't need on-site security.
- If someone you've never met comes to your door and says, "I was given your name. Can you help me while I get my stuff out of my boyfriend's/husband's apartment?"
- If the person who gave your name is a local Police Officer.
- If your local Police Department makes a point of calling you at home to tell you about the sex-offender/felon who just moved into your area.
- If you've been in a local gun shop and had a sales clerk ask you a question about a firearm, because no one else in the shop knows the answer.
- If the above occurs so they can make a sale.
- If one of your local gun shops asks you to come work for them, because you've shown more knowledge than their employees.
- If the above occurs at a shop you don't normally frequent.
- If your local Police Department asks you what you think about the new handgun they're thinking about issuing.
- If you've ever been asked by your local Police Department to bring in one or more of your weapons for them to show off, because they're "Better than this crap we're carrying."
- If you've ever gotten out of a ticket by offering to take the Officer shooting.
- If you've ever been pulled over by a Police Officer so she can ask you to take her shooting.
- If you've ever been pulled over by a local Police Department just so they can ask you a question about one of your weapons, or your ammunition.
- If you've ever had people fly into the state, or country, just to fire some of your weapons.
- If you've ever talked about your latest acquisition and heard the words, "How the hell'd you get your hands on that?"
- If your name has ever been given to a new recruit at your local Police Department along with the words, "Don't bother asking, he's going to have a gun on him somewhere."
- If your boss has ever given you a box of ammunition as a reward for a 'Job Well Done', and you don't work in a firearms friendly place.
- If you've ever taken the day off work to go shooting, hunting, to the smith, or to purchase a new handgun, and yet you refuse to call in sick.
- If your primary requirement for a soft-side briefcase, for work, is how well it can carry one of your preferred sidearms.
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