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Originally posted by Navy HMC
Okay, I will violate my own troll feeding rule:

mnMACD: This is not about striking a nerve, this is about TROLLING-i.e. what you are doing right now. This is not the forum for your tirade, you have been advised several times that this is a Joke and humor forum, not a gun control forum.

This particular thread is a humorous discussion about what is/is not a gun nut. It is just that humor, there is no political references being made, this is not a policy making issue, it is for FUN!!! nothing else. Now, please go elsewhere. You appear to be a poor misguided person who is not getting his satisfaction elsewhere and must interupt others fun for you own ammusement.

Now, may I direct you to: The Gun control forum of Glock Talk this is better suited to your agenda.

Thank you.

What a hard ass, The whole thing is a joke. Iam obiously not a gun nut. I was going along with the topic the whole damn time, for those of you thought I was off topic.
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