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The SHOT ShowCase

Lone Wolf custom full size Glock frames

These are current production 3 pin Finger Grip and Rail frames that are common with all G17,17L,22,24,31,34,35 pistols. The frame includes all internal parts common for G22,24,35 40 S&W or G31 357 Sig. If you plan to use the frame as a 9mm (17,17L,34) you will need a 9mm trigger housing. Includes the following: magazine loader, cleaning rod & brush, Glock factory box and trigger lock. The frame has a custom Lone Wolf grip reduction including back strap removal, finger grip removal, extended beaver tail, round magazine release and rounded trigger guard. A $400 value!

Must ship to a FFL. Limited quantity. Not a regular stocking item. Call Ian at 208-437-0612 ext 101 for more details

Sell at $299.95

Call JR at 208-437-0612 ext 102 for more information. Custom LWD round mag release also available upon request add $30

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ETA: I'm don't think it's the exact same thing as the original post, but it does give you some ideas about what it will cost.
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