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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Well then...... it is obvious this frame is not for you. Maybe a few others feel the same way but here is the truth of the matter. I would be happy if 2% Glock owners liked what we have to offer and only 1% purchased.

This project is not a "save all wonder frame". Its an option. An option that has a nitch and we are here to fill it.
Oh, but you see - it could be a "save all wonder frame" if you'd open the options up and not try to mandate. You may even get some M&P and XD business from people who don't buy GLOCKs because of the FG's. There's lots of money being made taking the FG's off GLOCKs.

I hope you sell tons of them because that'll put more stock frames on the market that I can buy and mod however I want.

I could comment further but it'd serve no purpose. I do think you need to remember what side of the dealer/customer relationship you're on.
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