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Originally Posted by smoke View Post
Oh, but you see - it could be a "save all wonder frame" if you'd open the options up and not try to mandate. You may even get some M&P and XD business from people who don't buy GLOCKs because of the FG's. There's lots of money being made taking the FG's off GLOCKs.

I hope you sell tons of them because that'll put more stock frames on the market that I can buy and mod however I want.

I could comment further but it'd serve no purpose. I do think you need to remember what side of the dealer/customer relationship you're on.
Let a newbie chime in if I may...bottom line to me is if you don't like the frame or you don't like the way they've made it or you don't like his honest answer to you "the customer" then don't buy it! But don't throw down this "I don't think you need to remember which side of the dealer/customer relationship you're on" crap because you instigated the conversation hopefully with the intention of receiving an honest answer...and not some lame answer that you would receive from a programmed Wal-mart employee.
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