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Originally Posted by JR View Post
The (totally optional) laser will be mounted on the upper RH side of the frame. It is very similar to the CT grip system except it is mounted directly to the frame. Yes it features a fully adjustable beam and the battery power is located in the grip.

I am out of here on my way to SHOT Show. We will be revealing 6 working prototypes of the new LWD "Timberwolf" Glock replacement frame. This is the first time they will be shown anywhere. Will return from SHOT the 20th and start working on the main production. Hopefully they will be available for delivery in April. If you are lucky enough to attend the show please stop by and check out the frames. Maybe even snap a few pics for the other GT members to enjoy? Oh yeah, and check out the rest of our line up.

Breaking news..... Did I forget to mention we will have a reduced size AR that accepts Glock mags? No blocks to mess with I am talking a true receiver built to accept Glock mags "straight up". More on that when I return!

do you have any pics?
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