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Originally Posted by JR View Post
1811guy2 If you choose the "The (totally optional) laser" it would require an activation button in the grip. If you did not want the laser there would be no reason for the button.

Maybe I could get a few pics next week?
I held the holy grail at the SAR show in PHX in Dec. Worth the wait, worth the expense, be patient. The laser is craftily integrated into the frame on the right side, so it should not require holster modification. I use sights exclusively and have no real use for a laser, however it is unique and well thought out. I'm waiting for the G20/21 frame next year so I can finally build my .38 Super Glock, the gun Gaston SHOULD have introduced years ago Sincere thanks to the folks at LW for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into this project

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