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Originally Posted by JR View Post
We are considering a run of 2000 complete pistols so we can have them included in the IDPA stock class. I need to form a list of every item that is currently prohibited in this class and incorporate them all into our gun. You know, stainless guide rods, adjustable triggers, light weight slides and strikers. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible.

It is my understanding that if a gun comes with a stainless guide rod, then it is ok to have a stainless guide rod... take the M&P for instance. So if you can include a stainless guide rod and thusly make it legal, that would be a HUGE plus.

Exclusions for all divisions:
B. Add-on weights for a competitive advantage (this includes,
but is not limited to, weighted magazines, tungsten guide rods,
brass magazine wells, weighted grips).
SSP Excluded Modifications:
4. Guide rods made of a material different from the factory part
it replaces
If you are making 2,000 pistols, then you are the factory. Stainless steel is no heavier than common steel, which is typically allowed in IDPA (ESP, and CDP, where SSP only says material different from the factory part).

Also, your run of 2000 complete pistols should make it ok for USPSA Production as well!!
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