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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Yah, of course! This is not a problem. Replacement parts will go out as needed.

FYI: There were a few complaints regarding the frame. Our objective is to address any/every bug associated with the prototype run.
A few guys complained about the grips unlocking. We shipped the new improved grips and see this issue is resolved.
The MR issue is sure to be resolved with the release of the improved version, I am betting on it.

Any plans to release more types of rear grips?

I ask because I really like the flat one. The curved one feels strange to me, the hump isn't in the same place as the Glock OEM grip so it feels strange.

I'd really like to see the flat one with a bob-tailed bottom, really curved at the bottom into the frame. Maybe even bob-tail the bottom of the frame as well.

I have a couple of bob-tailed 1911's and really like the feel of those. Your flat grip panel on the LWD frame really makes the Glock feel much nicer to me, not as blocky. I don't have any trouble shooting large frame pistols, but do like a slim grip more than a larger grip and a bobtail would be awesome.
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