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An update: I have been carrying my TimberWolf-framed G17 and shooting it when I can. My once trouble-free magazine catch has just started causing trouble. I was midway through a magazine at my backyard range when the magazine dropped to the deck.

I reinstalled the magazine and attempted to continue shooting. Got off two more shots and the magazine released. Swapped magazines to no avail as the ten OEM magazines I was using all dropped without me pressing the release button while shooting. So I took it inside and took it apart. I was hoping to perhaps find a sliver of gilding jacket metal that had lodged in the release, causing the issue, but no dice. The magazine catch just seems to no longer securely retain the magazine.

My round count is a bit over 2300 at this time.

Can I request a replacement catch when those are ready to see if it fixes my issue? I would be happy to pay for the part and the shipping.
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