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Originally Posted by emopunker2004 View Post
that OD frame seems to have reverse pig nose
Yeah, Doodi1 coined the term "Alligator Mouth" for it.

I'm slowly working to fix that by heating the rail with a hair dryer and applying pressure upward on the end of the rail/dust cover to push it up to fill the gap.

My son and I worked on it a bit last night and it's now better than the pics show, but still needs more work to get it right.

The oven curing of the Cerakote OD green caused it to get worse. Also, the oven curing made my mag drop issue reappear. So it's back to sanding the inside of the grip to allow my mags to drop free again.

I don't recommend using oven cure paints for this frame. Since I have both oven cure and air cure versions and this is a proto frame, I wanted to see how the oven cure would work. I guess when I get my non-proto frame I'll use the air cure Cerakote instead.
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