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250F for 35 minutes twice to draw out all the oils. Cleaned with 91% alcohol prior to both initial baking periods to draw out all oils. Had to bake twice as there was still a little oil seeping from one of the front rails after the first baking.

After that painted with Cerakote OG Green H formula (oven cure) and baked at 200F for 2 hours to cure.

All temps where the Nic Industries recommended temps for plastic parts.

I'm not exactly sure when the "Alligator Mouth" got worse. It might have happened during the initial baking periods or during the actual curing period.

In any case I already had some "Alligator Mouth" prior to the entire process and received it that way from LWD.

It's not really that big of a deal as some judicious heating with a hair dryer and pressure on the front of the dust cover/rail has returned it back to the initial state. My son and I will be working on it more today to get it perfect.

I've already fixed the mag drop issue that got worse after the baking and all my mags now drop free again. That only takes some sanding by trial and error, a lot of trial and error. In any case when I received my frame from LWD my mags wouldn't drop free either, so the same method I used then to fix it, I used again after the baking to fix it again.

I know that I'll be able to fix the "Alligator Mouth" with some work with the hair dryer and pressure like I stated above.

These are unfortunate issues but I believe they will both be addressed in the final product.

I still would not recommend any paint that requires baking to cure.

In any case the air cure Cerakote is just as durable as the oven cure from what I've seen. I've used the air cure on AR lowers and it's tough too.
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