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Originally Posted by Goodspeed(TPF) View Post
I have only 400 rounds through my frame as of now as my rear rails are uneven and the slide actually binds when fully rearward. It's so bad the striker is cutting a grove in one side of the trigger bar cruciform due to the offset. I'll get some pics up when I get back home. I also have the mag release and back strap problem as well so this particular frame is pretty much un-useable as-is. To end on a high note however I do like the feel of the frame with the "arched" backstrap and the relief under the trigger guard and "beavertail" are greatly appreciated. I look forward to getting one that works well to try out. J.R. How do I go about getting a different frame to replace this one? Thanks. -Goodspeed

I'm in the same boat as you. Mine has been running pretty reliably with .40 and supersonic 9mm but my accuracy has not been as good as I would like it to be. I started having a few cycling problems with my subsonic rounds cycling and broke out my caliper and found out my rear rails are definately uneven. probably gonna stop using this proto frame completely as i dont want to cause uneven wear on my slides from uneven rails.

I was excited at first because I though that the frame rails were thicker than the factory rails so it took up some of the slop in the slide/frame fitment but I guess it's just the crooked rails that are making it feel so tight.

I guess the .40 and 9mm supersonic rounds are hot enough to slide the slide over the uneven frame rails but my 9mm subsonic rounds cant overcome the friction from the crooked rails or something. It's a shame as I was going to throw my suppressor on it and put around 1000 rounds through it to see if the extra recoil from the suppressor LCD caused any problems with the LW frame.

JR, has anything been done to make sure the current proto/production frames all have even rails? I'm kinda confused how some of ours are uneven and some aren't unless it was an early problem that was corrected through the proto production.

Also, is there anyway some of us with the really messed up protos can get a later model proto frame, or get a discounted version or something? Mine is suffering from the tight magazine fit (only some of my old worn down magazines will drop free when empty), magazine release problem, grip problem, and crooked frame rails and is going to be retired before it ends up damaging my slides.

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