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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Why would you be reluctant to mention this? If there is a issue with your frame I want to hear about it. That was pretty much the deal from the beginning.... I supply a cheap test frame, you shoot the heck out of it and provide an opinion. I appreciate you guys going through this T&E with me but you have to realize you are not doing anybody any favors by not mentioning a failure if you have one.

If the frame is not performing in an acceptable manner all of you have the option of returning it. I will give you the credit you originally paid on the next frame which will be available this month.

I've been reluctant because I wanted to try every possible combination of connectors and springs.

I finally finished that task on Wednesday night.

I ended up putting the original factory springs and my LWD 3.5lb connector back in the LWD frame as I saw no benefit using other springs or factory or Ghost or Scherer connectors since they all exhibit the same creep. This is the same setup I used in the original Glock OEM G34 frame and those exact same parts in the Glock frame using the regular trigger housing give a nice, light, creep free pull.

I will admit using a lighter striker spring, lighter trigger safety spring and heavier trigger spring ended up with a lighter pull, of course, but the creep never goes away when using the LWD frame and the slim trigger housing.

Since I really don't know what the problem is, the LWD frame or slim trigger housing as those are the two variables which have changed, I really can't ascertain what might be the problem.

I any case I just wanted to get input from others who might be having the same issue.

NOTE - I also should mention using the Ghost lighter striker spring caused issues with trigger reset, it is too light and will not allow the trigger to reliably reset. I just wanted to try everything at my disposal to see if I could get a creep free trigger pull.
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