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Originally Posted by JR View Post
All Gen1 through Gen3 Glock pistols were issued with a standard Trigger Housing. The SF Trigger Housing was introduced in the Gen4 series and it is very different indeed.
The Lone Wolf SF Trigger Housing is the same as the Glock SF Trigger Housing. FYI: We started building them because we couldn't get them from Glock Inc.


When you get back from fishing, can I get one of your slim trigger housings to try out? I think the problem is with either the slim housing or the trigger bar.

I noticed also that the pull is significantly heavier with the slim trigger housing and the LWD frame. I'm really wondering if the trigger bars are different, like maybe a bit shorter, or maybe the geometry is slightly different than the regular trigger bar. Any idea where I can get a slim trigger mechanism (trigger and bar)?
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