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Originally Posted by teeuu View Post
It should be near the WD40, but just labeled as Silicone Spray. The can I have is Tempo brand. Other products like Armorall or WD40 may work also, I don't know. All I've ever used in holsters (both leather & plastic) is pure silicone spray.

yea i found some, its like atko or something like that, but it did the trick, works perfectly, and it didnt compromise the retention either (i thought i read somewhere that someone said once they used the silicone spray it didnt really hold it in as well)

but i just sprayed it a little bit ago and whiped it out and its perfect now. comes out easily with one hand. i wore the holster all day today anyway and its so comfortable and lightweight, im really like this $15 investment, lol

thanks for the tip
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