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Was my DD, now the wifes weekend ride when she isn't in a police car.

The SHOT ShowCase

My current winter daily driver and eventual 400 hp turbo project.

The SHOT ShowCase

My new summer DD...

Mods in progress... including possibly a streetable turbo.

The SHOT ShowCase

Going to buy one of these tomorrow if I can find an 08 left over with $8k dealer cash they are offering.

400hp AWD grocery getter for wife and I.

I will most likely toss a heads and cam package or maggy blower and murder it out like so.

These are so sick.

The SHOT ShowCase

After I buy a house with more garages, I'll find another Conquest TSi. I've had an 87 and 89. Both TSi Red.

The SHOT ShowCase
Someone brought that up at a shooting I was involved in. I said he should have stopped. They said "what about Garner v. Tennessee."? I told them, " his name ain't Garner and we ain't in Tennessee!"

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