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Im getting up there and maybe its time to reflect on what happened in case anyone cares in 20 years. Ill be gone by then anyway Im sure.
Today is the day after the evening service for those shot in Tucson AZ and Im pretty amazed at what has happened to this country. In the time I have been here it has gone from a John Wayne attitude to today. And thats all we can say about that.
Over the years I have been hanging around GT the country has changed tremendously as has GT and its members...they seem younger today but are asking all the same questions ( and getting the same foolish answers) we all did 10 years ago when this thing started.
I remember a guy telling me he had a "Gee LOK" " one of those new fangled plastic guns, a Gee LOK" and wanted to trade some 45ACP for something that fit his Gee LOK

Some of the members are gone now and somehow we seem to feel that we knew them even though we never met.
Others have disappeared no one knows why or how but if they met their ultimate fate, no one knows about it on GT, they just stopped posting and probably no one knows who they really were here and no one is going to log on and tell the rest of us their fate....maybe we need somehow to set up a log in/check in/ alive ping or something....

This internet thing is really neat. I was in it from the very beginning and its getting better all the time. I cant imagine how we did things back then with 8K memory boards and teletype type "email" let alone boards like GT here.
Good luck to everyone, I hope GT lasts forever, put this OP and all the other interesting ones on a titanium CD and save it for 2000 years and then look back.
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