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Lots of great stuff so far. Good points about our freedoms. We still enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers envisioned. Will we still in 20 years?

Today we are in, what I believe, is a fight for our survival with radical Islam. They are determined to destroy our way of life. Who will prevail?

Where will our young people be? There is such an overload of sex, violence, drugs and despair in their lives today. How will they survive and thrive?

Will there ever be an end to the entitlement generations? Will the working middle class cease to exist? Will liberals ever open their eyes to reality?

Will we finally move on from oil and hydrocarbons? Sorry CJ but the oil will run out one day.

Today I can still hike deep into the wilderness and fish in clear mountain streams and even catch a nice trout occaisionlly. I can see wild bears, moose, elk and even mountain lions. Hope they're still around. I hope Colorado still has trees. The beetle kill is worse every year.

I plan to still be skiing in 20 years. I'll be 72 so no more moguls probably.

In 20 years I will have been with my girlfriend for 32 years. Still won't be married. LOL

Hope to still be around and hopefully I will have met many of you in person by then.
Semper Fi
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"The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not
first take from somebody else." Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 2005
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