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Off the top of my head, as a Virginian within 10 miles of MD:

You can't carry openly, or concealed.

In a vehicle, if you are actually enroute to or from a legal shooting event, you have to keep the unloaded handgun in a closed container inside the trunk, and the ammo inside a different closed container inside the trunk. And a loaded magazine is illegal, being considered as a loaded firearm.

If your vehicle has no trunk, such as a van or truck, you are supposed to keep everything as far from your reach as possible.

When I go to MD for a GSSF or other shooting event, I keep an empty J-frame and a loaded speedloader in separate containers on top of my other guns & ammo, because that's the fastest way I know to go from Maryland-legal to prepared.

Maryland should be avoided in general.

Now let's see who quotes actual law sections.

Edited to add: I never heard of any non-resident or other permit to possess.
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