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Originally Posted by NYC Drew View Post

I have an unrestricted carry permit from my county (the only type they issue), good everywhere except NYC.

My specific question is: Can a out of stater bring a handgun (usual condition - unloaded, locked, ammo separate) into MD for a few days, keeping the gun in his/her hotel room?


Sorry Drew. Let me restate. MD isn't VA, but it's not NJ, DC or NYC either !

I have had long discussions about the hotel thing with other MD gun owners and the consensus is that a hotel is your domicile/residence while you are here, so it was felt you'd be legal. Having said that we could not find any MD case law that would either support or not support our opinion. See highlighted section 3 above. IIMO you'd be ok as a hotel room could be considered a bona fide residence while you are here.



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