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Discovered a G23 rtf2 w/gills just days after I bought my G23 "regular" last year. I was bummed b/c I really liked the grip texture--and agree that the gills look really cool/distinctive in a world of millions of regular textures/serrations. I still feel like if I could trade my current 23 for the RTF2, I would instantly.

...Came across another today, and almost bought it. I will DEFINITLEY be getiting another 23 soon, but have been leaning towards the GEN4. So to those of you that have the G23 rtf2 w/ gills--AND a GEN4-which do you like better?

Keep in mind, the gun will be for EDC/lots of range time. Most GEN4 owners claim the dual recoil spring is at least slightly smoother/less snappy, and that the grip is the perfect compromise. Help me decide...
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