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Some people think that any play in a press will ruin the accuracy of the load. I have not found this to be true.
For the beginner--let's start out inexpensive, slow, and simple.
Get the Lee Reloader Single Stage Press Kit for $37.99. This is their little SS press and the Lee manual.
Get the Lee Auto-prime hand primer and the 11 set of special shell holders for it.
Buy a set of Lee 3 or 4 die set for your caliber. This includes a powder dipper, the shell holder, and reloading data for use with the dipper. The Lee manual covers every load with corresponding dipper data.
The dipper is pressed into the powder so gravity fills it up. You knock of the excess with a straightedge (a business card works well).
Given your barrel or cylinder as a case gage, you are ready to reload (provided you have powder, cases, primers, and bullets).
After you have learned how the dies work, how to get the proper COL, and have fired some loads successfully, you will be ready to determine what fancy press or accessories you want.
This press will, from my experience, make ammunition as accurately as any other press. Take your time and learn what is going on.
Read a couple of reloading manuals ("ABCs of Reloading," Lyman 49th edition manual, etc.).
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